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New Product – Nitrospray Cryotherapy Flasks

Cryotherapy Flask

Hello Pacific Medical Partners

A quick post to introduce our latest product the Nitrospray cryotherapy flask.

We have 300 & 475ml flasks in stock available for immediate delivery along with all of the available accessories. I have attached a brochure for your review and feedback.

The Nitrospray will include a set of 5 spray tips & a spray tip protector.

The addition of the Nitrospray into our range now allows us to offer two cryotherapy packages which I have detailed below for you.

LNPACK1 Cryotherapy Package – Includes Nitrospray 300ml, Dewar 20Lt, Extractor & Gloves
LNPACK2 Cryotherapy Package – Includes Nitrospray 300ml, Dewar 20Lt & Gloves

Please visit our cryotherapy section here to see the flasks and packages. 

Contact us today to discuss pricing on Nitrospray range & packages


The Pacific Medical Crew

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